Friday, December 28, 2012

Ahhh....a brand new blog!

Yep...this is my new blog. Because 2012 is coming to end, I thought it was time to retire my old blog ( 2012 was quite successful. I met many of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and some goals that I set during the year and some things that I didn't even know were goals. I feel good about going into 2013.

So, what are my goals for the coming year? Well, let's start with the stereotypical goals.

1. I will train for a triathlon. I am not sure that I will actually run one but I will train for one. I joined a new gym today and they have triathlon training programs. I am excited about that. I will need to come up with a plan and get it done.

2. I want to run at least one, if not two, half marathons. I have completed my rehab with my physical therapist and he helped me understand what I need to do to avoid the issues I had. This leads to my next goal.

3. I will learn to tolerate pilates and yoga. I will stretch and strengthen muscles that I did not realize I wasn't already working. The goal is to do at least one class a week.

4. I will continue to practice burpees. I will work towards perfecting them. I actually have done some real burpees in the last few days and I can do them. I am trying not to be intimidated by them. I will do them and other things that intimidate me in the gym (high knee jumps and sprawls are two things that come to mind). I may not do them perfectly but I will do them.

5. I will complete many of the same events that I did in 2012 and improve on my time or performance. I would like to complete the same stair climbs (Fight for Air at the Republic Plaza, CF stair climb at Mile High, Step Up for Cancer at Dick's Sporting Good field and the September 11th memorial stair climb). I would like to do at least one stair climb out of town, preferably at sea level and see what happens.

6. Again, I want to complete a certain number of events (walks, runs, stair climbs). I think I will set the number at least twelve. I also want to track how I do in these events and keep a record of them. 

7. I will keep my diet clean. I will not let events sidetrack me. I still think that a primal/paleo lifestyle works best for me. I am going to do the same cleanse that did in May of this past year. I will be starting that in January 7th. I am doing it along with several others and look forward to that support.

8. I will blog at least as much as I did this past year. So I would like to have at least 100 posts by the end of the year.

Some not such stereotypical goals:

9. I will take some photos this year. I will do some photo trips with Tim. Let's shoot for four and see if we can beat that.

10. I will do more reading. I will start with going to bed to read by 9:00 at least one night a week.

11.  I will learn to take rest days, especially when I am training for a running event. I know this past year I had issues with not taking enough rest. 

12. I want to be on speaking terms with my scale again. I need to get over allowing it to impact my life as it does and use it as the tool it is.

I think that is what I have for now but I will likely add/adjust throughout the year.

Happy New Year to all!


  1. Happy New Year Lynn! I wish you and Tim and all the doggies much success this year, most of all peace and love! :)


  2. You have some pretty kick-ass goals there, and it'll be great watching you go for it in 2013 :D

  3. Excellent list of goals, Lynn! Mine is to run a half marathon, and be a more positive person - my list is growing! Love the new blog name too!

  4. I really like your goals! I'm not sure I've entirely figured out my own goals for the upcoming year, but they are swirling around up in the attic. :D

    :-) Marion

  5. Great goals! I will have to catch up on your journey at your first blog :-)

  6. Love your goals - challenging to be sure - but absolutely doable for you!!

  7. Awesome goals. Looking forward to following along with you in 2013. Good stuff

  8. Sounds like you have fabulous healthy goals! Good luck with them all in 1013!

  9. I've started a new blog this year. I hope to fill it with successes and positive experiences. And read my fair share of the successful ones so I can be inspired.