Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fifty for the year I turn 50

In my last post, I talked about a draft of my 50 things to do in the year I turn 50. I am now finalizing the list. Because of the schedule for some events is not yet out and there are few commitments I have regarding traveling for work, I am also establishing some alternatives that will take the place of any item I cannot complete for reasons such as money, time, schedule, weather, etc. I hope to blog a lot as I complete these events. If you have any ideas for alternatives, please comment!

My 50 Epic and Not so Epic Things to do during the year I turn 50
1. Commitment day 5k -- signed up and ready to go
2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen -- likely do this in spring/summer
3. Learn to play the banjo -- I have taken lessons and know how to play some notes but now I am going to get serious about it.
4. Two minute plank -- I have done a 100 seconds in the past but can comfortably do one minute...going to build up to 120 seconds
5. Republic Plaza Stair Climb -- event in February, signed up and money raised
6. Climb a 14er -- Attempted last year and got to 13,600 feet before being freaked out by the rock field. I am going to get to the top this year.
7. Take a cooking class
8. Photo a day for a year -- I will be happy with an average of five photos a week as a photo each day could be a bit stressful but I am going to shoot for a photo a day.
9. Steel Challenge
10. September 11th Stair Climb
11. Deadlift 200 pounds -- I can currently deadlift about 135-145 from the floor (multiple reps, not sure what my one rep max is); more from the rack
12. Hike in Moab
13. Tattoo of periwinkle to honor my sister's memory -- I already have the design, just need to find the artist.
14. Manitou Incline to the top four times.... I want to be 15 minutes faster than in the past -- I have to look up my times
15. Make soap
16. Volunteer at a no kill shelter or rescue
17. Paddle board
18. White water rafting -- This one scares me a lot.
19. Read Moby Dick
20. Write and share poetry
21. Triple Dog Dare -- Tried to do it this year but the weather did not cooperate for the trip.
22. Spend the day at the Metropolitan Museum and go through wings I never would in the past
23. 100 days sugar/caffeine free -- Going to start with a 21 day detox (with real food) in January. Indulged in a bit of gluten, dairy and sugar this holiday season as well as too much sugar. I need to get back to what I know makes me feel the best.
24. 5,000,000 steps -- I should get even more but this is more than 13,000 steps a day.
25. Ride a mechanical bull -- Tim wants me to send out save the date cards and another friend said I should use it as a fund raised for the 3 day walk in November. We will see.
26. Body wrap/mud bath -- This may not seem like a big deal but as someone that really does not like to be touch, it is WAY outside my comfort zone.
27. Pay for someone's lunch/Starbucks unexpectedly
28. Learn to make gluten free pasta from scratch
29. Do a pull up -- This is a pretty aggressive goal but I am working on it already.
30. Go fishing
31. Snowshoe -- Hopefully this will be the Romp to Stomp on March 1st
32. Mud run/obstacle run -- Maybe the Diva Dash again....or Dirty Girl.
33. Make sauerkraut -- Fermenting food scares me but I am going to try.
34. Volunteer at a local charity race
35. New River Gorge Bridge Walk in West Virginia -- Here is another one that really scares me. I am not a fan of heights.
36. Three day walk for Breast Cancer -- The fund raising part of this frightens me and definitely will make me step outside of the comfort box.
37. 25 burpees without rest (good form) -- Right now I can do about 8 to 10 in okay form. Need to get to work on them.
38. Run/walk half marathon -- I did a half in 2012. It was horrible. I almost quit. This time I want to be smarter about it. I will either do one in West Virginia or one in Wisconsin/Michigan with my brother.
39. Do Olympic distance triathlon -- I will likely do this as a non-event. That is, on my own at the gym. I am not sure I am ready for an actual event like this.
40. Visit Arkansas -- The next four kind of go together. If I visit these four states, I will have been to every state.
41. Visit Alabama
42. Visit North Dakota
43. Visit Hawaii
44. Eat raw oysters
45. Tent camp -- I miss camping.
46. See the sunrise at the ocean
47. Box jump (small box) -- TERRIFIED of this....totally a mental block when it comes to box jumps.
48. Koko Head trail hike in Hawaii or alternatively some sort of rock/cliff jump into the ocean, depending on where I stay.

49. Wear smaller jeans by December 31st -- I stopped setting weight loss goals a few years ago because of what they do to me mentally but I can definitely shoot to be wearing a smaller size in a year. I did it the past two years without issue.
50.Share a very expensive bottle of champagne -- I will be looking for volunteers for this item!

Alternate list

Take a Finnish Language class

Whale watch trip in zodiac boat 
Day out with a five year old, doing the things they want to do
Paint pottery
Climb the rock wall at the gym
Participate in a flash mob


  1. I LOVE that picture. I really do, I've saved it and I have it hanging over my desk at school.

    I think your list is fantastic, and I think I've said it before, but even if you only make 20, 30 or 40 of these happen - that's pretty amazing too!

  2. That is a pretty ambitious list for any age. If you are going to see the whales in Hawaii the best time frame is February to early March (or so my wife has told me). I asked her if she wanted to go to Hawaii in 2014 and she said no...I've already done that. (She went with husband #2...I'm husband #3) She wants to go to Georgia this year. It's all about seeing the grandkids sometimes.

  3. Well Lynn - that is a pretty full list. I wish you well and even if you achieve half of it you'll be doing great.

    Here's to you and a Happy New Year

    All the best Jan

  4. That is a fabulous list! I hope I'm around for #27 :).