Sunday, February 23, 2014

A new PR

So, the American Lung Association stair climb at the Republic Plaza was today. 1,098 steps, 56 floors. I did it in 2012 but missed last year because we had a snow storm that day. Here is the link to the climb post from 2012.

When I did it in 2012, my time was 29:04. Towards the end, I was resting every two flights. It took everything in me to finish. I was just happy to finish. I do note that this was my first event in a long string of events in 2012. It was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone and I so appreciate the women that pulled me outside of that zone. They continue to support me and they never make me feel like less of a person just because I can't keep up with them as well as I would like.

What a difference two years makes! Today my time was 18:26. I did stop to rest two or three times in the first 15 floors, but after that I just kept walking. I think I passed more people than the number that passed me. My time was not remarkable or anything as the winning times are less than 10 minutes (I think this year it was just over 6 minutes)....but for me, I am very happy with this improvement. It also is good because in 2012 we were practicing downtown in a 22 floor building and this year I didn't even get to Red Rocks to climb.

So, now I have a mark to beat next year. I plan on continuing this climb as long as I can.

Oh, and I continue to do burpees. I am up to 1,287. I hope to be at 1,500 by the end of the month. I really do love burpees.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I am trying the whole rest thing. I do try to be as active as I can be on these days...lots of walking and standing but my heart rate remains below zone 1.


  1. way to go with your improving your time :) I love burpees too..actually I love the jump :) How many burpees do you do in a day?

  2. I'd love burpees (no not "hurlers" Mr Autocorrect although that's a good one!) if they didn't make me wet myself ;-)
    Sad but true - although I read interesting article re: pelvic floor exercises; Kegels don't work as advertised, what seems to work better are squats!
    As I progress in my yoga practice, I'll let ya know...

  3. Boy, that's a huge difference for times!!! You did great, Lynn, really super. :-)

  4. Fantastic .... Well Done

    All the best Jan