Thursday, September 25, 2014

Toads on the roads...

The mental game is hard. A lot of the time my mind is the thing that holds me back. I can't tell you how often my mind holds me back from lifting a weight when physically I am perfectly capable of lifting it. There have been so many times that seeing no change on the scale, even though I know there have been major changes in my body composition, would change my mental state for days.

One of the biggest mental battles has been my reflection in the mirror. Until recently, the mirror still reflected the person I was. No matter the progress I have made I still felt like I was as big as I ever was. I grew confident in many areas at the gym but I still struggle with feeling like nothing had changed when I looked in the mirror.

Over the past few weeks that has been changing. I FINALLY feel like I am seeing the changes that others have seen. I am FINALLY seeing the changes that have been verified by the number of sizes I have lost.

I look in the mirror and, although I am not where I will be in the future, I know that I am making progress. There are muscles that I can not only feel but am seeing. I see a happy face looking back at me when I catch a glimpse in a mirror.

I'm not saying that I will not struggle with this again but I do feel like I have made a major step in winning at the mental game.There is a new confidence in my life because of this. I feel good about this. I am happy about this. I am ready to face the next phase of my life. I am loving this new found confidence.

Today I finally watched this video that as been going around social media.

I love the whole mirror sequences. I love that these women could see how others in their life saw them. May we all live our lives like we are enough....because we are.

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  1. Mind over matter as the saying goes but you are making progress.

    Keep on .......

    All the best Jan