Saturday, January 19, 2013

It has been a rough week....

So, my leg issue didn't turn out to be such a minor thing By Sunday, my leg was starting to turn pink. I sort of thought it was odd but having never had such a bruise, I just kind of figured it was what it was. Well, Monday when I went to kettlebells, I bang my shin into a kettlebell and honestly it hurt more than anything I have ever felt. I realized then that my shin was hot to the touch and quite swollen. I finally went to urgent care on Tuesday as my doctor had no openings. The doctor there declared it to be infected and put me on an antibiotic.

He also scared me to death by telling me that he was pretty sure I had a blood clot. But strangely, he told me to see my primary care doctor within 24 hours and didn't bother to test for an actual clot. This lead to a pretty sleepless night, wondering if I would die in my sleep. It brought back bad memories of times when I was extremely unhealthy and really did wonder if I would die in my sleep.

I did wake up and went in to see one of the doctors in my primary care practice (but not my doctor). He was not at all worried about clots. He said it was indeed infected and instructed me to come back Friday or Saturday to see how the antibiotics were working. I forgot to ask if I should or could continue to work out. It was really bothering me on Wednesday night so I went home, elevated it and did hot compresses as instructed by the doctor. 

Thursday night I tried boxing but it hurt to pivot so I only did what I could. It wasn't a great work out but it was something. I mean, by now I hadn't worked out in two days and going from working out two times a day to none...well, it is not good for me.

I finally got to see my doctor on Friday. She was not happy with the progress with the antibiotics so prescribed a stronger one and gave me a shot. We talked about work outs. She said that she didn't want me to do anything that used my calf muscles. This basically means recumbent bike and swimming. I specifically asked about stair climbing and was told no. BUT I was told I could do recumbent bike and swim. So that was a positive. I also am going to try barbell class again. I may have to skip the lunges and do something else but I will do that.

Last year on my other blog, I posted about the running injuries I had and that I would be okay with walking until I could run again. I was going to start running again this week....and this happened. So I will admit I spent a bit of time feeling sorry for myself and worrying about things. I feel like I could end up gaining weight while I wait out this injury. I do feel like I am losing good training time for the stair climb. But I have reconciled to the fact that I need to heal. Once it is healed, I will deal with all the rest.

On a more positive note, my cleanse is going well. Monday I start the next stage when I don't have to down this horrible tasting thing twice a day. I start a protocol with a protein powder and eliminate beef all together. I do get to add almonds back in and some rice. Slowly the protocol changes over the next three weeks. In fact, one of the weeks will be a vegetarian week. It will go well. I did it one time and I can do it again.

Hope things are going well for everyone else.


  1. Good luck following your Plan.

  2. Hi Lynn, nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by my blog:) Sorry you have such a bad injury, it sounds quite worrying. It is frustrating when you cant run for a while. Robyn

  3. I hope that your infection is starting to feel better by now. That is so frustrating!