Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some thoughts before starting the cleanse/elimination diet

Tomorrow I am embarking on my second time through a cleanse and elimination diet. I am a bit apprehensive about it this time as opposed to the first time I did it. I know I can do it and I know I will do it but I am already dreading giving up my coffee (although I have cut way back in preparation for it).

I know that this is a good process. The reason I know it is because the focus in real whole foods. There are some supplements -- repairvite the first two weeks, which helps heal leaky gut syndrome. Based on all the research I have done and more importantly how I felt last time through this process, I believe this is a real problem and then clearvite for the last three weeks, which is a protein powder. Beyond that, I will be eating real whole foods. You do avoid certain foods that can be causes of inflammation and/or leaky gut syndrome.

For me, other than the coffee, it really should not be that difficult as most of my diet has been focused on whole real foods over the past year. I will admit that a bit more sugar than I wanted has snuck into my diet over the holidays but it is something I recognize and am willing to deal with as well. Ok, "snuck" is not the right word. I know that I chose to consume these items that I would not have done so outside of the holiday season but there has been progress made in the holiday eating area and I am proud of that.

The whole process was a great learning experience last year. I am not sure I will necessarily learn anything new but who knows. It is also good to confirm things I learn about reactions to certain foods. Of course, the continued healing of inflammation and leaky gut is always a good thing.

I wasn't sure if I was going to blog about the cleanse/elimination process but I think I will. I think it will help me keep focused and be the most successful over the process. 

I know I don't have everything figured out as far as an ideal diet for my life but I am getting closer and I keep learning more and more. This is just part of that learning process.

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  1. I have an elimination diet sheet on my computer. I'd love for both Hubby and I to do it as I see lots of advantages to it. Will be interested in reading how you go.