Saturday, February 16, 2013

90 Day Challenge and Miscellaneous Other Things

So, I am doing a 90-day weight loss challenge at the gym. If any of you know me at all, you may know that I tend to avoid these kind of things because of the stress I put on myself. I especially hate team challenges because I hate "disappointing" others. But I decided to join this one and face it with a different attitude. I am going to do what I can to relieve the stress. The first thing I am doing is NOT looking at the scale. When I get weighed in, I simply turn around and let them record it. Now it is not 100% fail proof because I may run into the numbers if I log into my account but now that I know that I am going to avoid that as well.

Why am I doing the challenge? Well, it does give me a chance to try some different classes at the gym, which are set up for the people in the 90-day challenge. It is also giving me a chance to focus on what I need to do to get the scale moving again. I thought it was a good thing to do now that I am ending my detox.

Speaking of the detox, Friday was my first day of reintroduction. I got to have coffee. I have missed it but do not intend on going back to drinking the same amount I was drinking over the holidays. I am also going to look for a decaf roast I can tolerate. Anyway, now I start the hard work of reintroducing some foods and seeing how my body reacts. My first item was peppers. I did okay with them. Tomorrow will be beef.

I also did a health assessment at the gym last week. I am pretty healthy. I am pretty strong. Actually except for my body mass index (as they measure it), I had no dings against my health score. The guy who did the testing did tell me that I was working out too hard and too many high intensity sessions. It is sinking in. I mean how many times and from how many people do I need to hear this from before I start doing something. So my goal is to start working out smarter and not just harder. I got a new heart rate monitor and plan on using it. I will likely do some testing at the gym to find the right heart rate zones for most efficient work outs. I am going to try to do only one intense workout a day and one somewhat less intense workout if I do two. I need, as I always say, to fit in some yoga or pilates. These are hard for me but I will keep trying. As I work to figure this out, I am going to keep this in mind::

I am also going to work on picking up the weight lifting and strength workouts. I am going to come up with a program as I don't think I have enough weight lifting in my routine now that I am not doing kettlebell classes. Any suggested programs to follow?


  1. Good luck on your 90 day challenge. I love structured weight loss plans and programs. I do the best when I was in a structured set up and being accountable to an outside person.

    Glad you can have coffee again. :)

  2. BMI is not effective for someone who is fit. That's why my doctor put me on maintenance even though I'm 10 pounds from goal. Working out too hard? Does that mean less fat% and higher muscle mass?

  3. A 90 days challenge sounds like quite a challenge! All the best with it! I can't think of any gym related suggestions a si don't work out in a gym but really found that adding cycling to running worked for me.

  4. Hi! A 90 day challenge is long enough to learn something from it. Last year, I took a contest seriously--with the intent to know more by the end than when I started. Not only did I win the contest, but I learned how to sustain a good eating pattern--ever since the first day of that contest back in October 2012. So these challenges can be very good for working on consistent process.

    :-) Marion

  5. Sent you an email with a training plan for strength that you might enjoy. Good post! I like that you're getting it through your head to rest more! And a challenge is right up your alley...Lynn Competitive Morehead!

  6. I agree with the BMI comment from another reader - when people are ultra-fit it can be inaccurate.

    I think it is fabulous that you are so fit and getting even smarter about working out.