Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching up on things...

Let's see what to say. 

1. I have upped my step goal to 15,000. I am running again. On the treadmill for now. The ankle is feeling stronger but I keep being told to take it slow so I am trying.  Still loving my Fitbit. It is keeping me honest about my activity.

2. Yesterday I hit over 26,000 steps. I did this with a three mile walk with a pup in the morning and a long 6 mile walk in the heat of the afternoon. The walk was through the hills in the neighborhood behind us. It felt good...but hot. AND that was my rest day.

3. I went to Wisconsin in July and did a stair climb at Lambeau Field. It was HOT HOT HOT. I was still wearing my air cast so it was hard....esp. the down. So I really only did 80% of the climb but I am still glad I did it. 

4. I spent a lot of time talking to one of my older brothers about running and such when I was back in Wisconsin. It was interesting to have this change in our relationship.

5. My workouts are going well. Tomorrow I have my second personal training session. I can't wait to lift heavy things. I am hoping that it will lead to so good results over the next 90 days. I will be keeping up my cardio workouts. I am really into tabatas these days.

6. I have been eating a lot of kale of late....and my finger nails are so much healthier. It is quite amazing. They are smooth and strong. I think kale will need to stay as a big part of my diet.

7. I am caffeine free for almost two months. It is not as hard as it sounds. I found some good decaf coffees and love an iced decaf Americano every now and then.

8. A friend and I have taken her four year fishing a couple of times. I love how relaxing it is to just cast the little poles out into the pond. We are catching little fish and releasing them but it is fun. I consider it one of my peaceful mind exercises.

9. I am thinking of trying yoga or Pilates again. I just don't know when but it may be a good idea to try to cut down on stress in my life.

10. I can't believe that summer is almost over. Our garden isn't doing great but I made a batch of pesto this morning and it is amazing how much better it tastes with just pick basil.

11. So my friend (the same one mentioned in #8) and I are planning on doing a 14er in a couple of weeks. I am nervous about it but we will see how it goes. If we do, you can bet there will be a blog post about it!

12. I won't be doing a half marathon this year but I plan on being ready next spring. I would like to do the Cellcom Green Bay marathon in May.

13. Another stair climb this coming weekend for "Step up for Cancer." It has special meaning to me this year because of a recent diagnosis of a family member. I am ready for it.

14. The next stair climb will be on September 11th as a memorial for the firefighters lost on that fateful day. It is an important and moving event to attend.

15. Some blogs I have been reading lately:


  1. Hi Lynn! Well don't you sound great! Your exercise sounds wonderful and you are so upbeat. I'm really glad for you! :D

  2. Happy to read an update! I've missed your blog. And I need to blog too! Sounds like a great summer so far. Glad the ankle is healing and that you're loving kale and tabatas and considering yoga. See you soon!

  3. Hi Lynn, its great to see an update from you :) all those stair climb events you mentioned sound like fun...