Sunday, May 11, 2014

Random thoughts on a snowy Sunday in May

Only you can take charge of your health.....but support does help

I listened to an online seminar on thyroid health last weekend. One thing that struck me was a line by Chris Kresser. He said that "no one is more invested in my health than me." While you can listen to others about what you should do to make your health better, ultimately it is your responsibility to be invested in your want to make the necessary learn as much as you can to make good seek out trusted advisers....and to be invested in your health.

That being said, it is good to have strong support too. One Saturday I got sucked into a Discovery Health show, something like "My 600 pound life." It was the story of people who were around 600 pounds and opting for gastric bypass. While I have my own opinions on the surgery option, that is not the point here. What realized after watching this show that I am very lucky to have a husband that is fully supportive of the changes I am making in my life.

This particular show I watched the woman was tortured by her husband who didn't want her to get thin. He married her because of her weight. She needed to come to grip with the fact that she was doing this for herself and not for him. As far as he went, she couldn't do anything to change his attitude. She could only be invested in herself. I certainly hope that she was able to work out things for herself.

My husband is amazing and only wants me to be happy. He is proud of me and let me know how he feels constantly. I can't express how much his support means to me. I loved him before my transformation started but now that I have started to love myself, I love him even more, with my whole heart. It's amazing what changes occur when you view yourself as worthy.


I hate shopping but yesterday my husband told me that I just couldn't wear the jeans I had on any more. So, off I went to look for new jeans. Even though the scale isn't moving, I certainly am losing inches. That is a good thing. BUT I hate shopping more than anything and it was made worse by the fact that I seem to be between sizes...or just have a weird body shape. Waist way too big in the size that fits in the legs. Legs too tight when the waist fits. I did finally find one pair of capris and a pair of jeans (which are three sizes smaller than the ones I am getting rid of).

The gym

I participated in a 90-day challenge this spring at the gym. It was a weight loss competition. Honestly, I didn't really lose any weight. I did lost body fat but the scale pretty stayed where it was at the beginning of the challenge. I however am not disappointed about it. I managed to stick with my attitude that it is more than about the number on the scale.

I am loving my lifting. I am learning a lot about good form and practicing. People have commented on my form for both my deadlift and my squat. It feels good that, if people have to notice things, they are noticing something that I am working on.


I recently took a food allergy test. It has led to some changes in what I am eating. Most notably dairy is out for now. This has meant a change from my whey protein to a vegan version. I have not been happy about it but I am surviving. It is odd but even though I do pay attention to food labels, with this new list of things to avoid, it has become even more difficult. I am dealing with it and in general feel pretty good about it all.

Susan G. Komen  training

I am going to officially start training for the Susan G. Komen this coming week. They send you a 24 week training programming that I am loosely going to follow. For the most part, I am going to do the weekend walks and some walking during the week. I already am focused on getting my 13,000 plus steps in each day. I have gone for some long walks this spring. Now it's time to get the back to back walks on the weekend. I am close on the fund raising with a just few more hundred to go to make the minimum of $2300.


It's May and snowing. Such is springtime in the Rockies. 

I need to work on my 50 things to do this year. I am not running so I have some things to revise. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.



  1. Congratulations on shrinking! Sometimes measuring yourself can show you that you are making progress, when the scale is not moving. As for the jeans, have you considered sewing some darts in the back to take in some of the waist? Onnea! ("good luck" in Finnish)

    1. Thanks! People all around me keep telling me to stop obsessing over the is finally sinking in.

      My husband also said that he could find a tailor to help me. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Snow in May .....roll on Summer.

    Love your 'random thoughts' here.

    All the best Jan

    1. Last year we had snow in June. Hope you are well!

  3. Congrats on the jeans! We had a snow storm hit Sunday/Mother's Day in our area as well.