Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Challenge issued and I accept it

I did my metabolic testing at the gym this past week. The results were confusing at best but I am trying to work through it all. One thing that is clear with this testing and the adrenal testing I did earlier is that I am working out at an intensity level that is probably not sustainable for me. I am told that I need to rebuild my aerobic base. So, that is what I am going to do.

For once I am going to stick to a workout plan that may not be exciting but it is likely best thing for me. I am working out at a much lower intensity. So, far I have done two days of the workouts. Tomorrow morning I will do a third. I am not happy about it all but I really want to be able to do more and reach some fitness goals so I am doing it. I have also put some things on hold, like my boxing classes and running. Since I have to monitor my heart rate, I know that these activities are not ones I can easily do and keep my heart rate in the right range. A couple of months of taking a few steps back and I hope I will be able to start training for some things again.

I also discovered another class at the gym that I like. It is a class with circuit training on two days and a cardio portion on another day. The time I was introduced to it, I really enjoyed the circuit portion. Although I lift weights on my own and have good strength, this is an area that I struggle with how to stay accountable. I miss the strength training of kettlebell classes. I spoke with the trainer that did the testing and who is helping me with a program to rebuild my aerobic base and she is in favor of me doing this class. The only problem with the class is the cardio day as I am confused/frustrated with what I should be doing during the class and still stick to the change in program that I am working through to rebuild my aerobic base. Well, after a cranky night at the gym and talking to Kim (the trainer/metabolic coach), I committed to three months of the class. Kim and the trainer that is leading the class will be helping me work through what I should be doing on the cardio day.

Now to the challenge that was issued by Ben (the class trainer), who said that he was willing to help me keep my program on the cardio days in sync with my aerobic base; BUT once I built my aerobic base back up, he was not going to accept any excuses when I was back to high intensity interval training. He was going to push me harder than anyone else. He may not believe me but I am looking forward to it. As much as I can push myself to work out harder, I look forward to having someone pushing me harder than I push myself. I want to be stronger and fitter and I think this is a great step in that direction. Sometimes I wonder if someone else pushing me would allow me to reach higher levels and I hope I will find out with this class.

The other part of the testing was the measurement of my resting metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories you need to just live. My RMR actually increased from a couple of years ago, even though I have lost 50 pounds since that time. This likely means that my lean muscle mass increased over that time. That makes me happy. Of course, I am not really counting calories but I will be speaking with my nutritionist about the results.

As it turns out, this year may be one of just getting back in the right place after doing some amazing things last year. The testing is helping but I need to follow through and I am committing to that.

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  1. Hi Lynn! Of course, you are welcoming being challenged by the class trainer. Fitness is best when you get excited about being your utmost best. You'll do great!

    :-) Marion