Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do I really have goals?

Things continue to go well on the metabolic reset. I am in week three. I am a little bored but I can push through that. One more week of these particular workouts and we will see how they get changed.

Other than that, the other trainer I am working with during the circuit class has been talking a lot about goals and such. Well, his idea of what one's goals should be definitely does not fit with mine. That is, he had everyone indicate what they wanted their BMI to change by during the three month class. If you know me, setting a goal like this has failure written all over it. I haven't set that goal. I honestly do not care if it is measured for whatever statistics they need for the class but I am not going to have an individual goal.

Last night he talked a lot about visual goals and his idea of what a visual goal is again differs from mine. I have visual goals but they have nothing to do with what my body will look like. My visual goals involve seeing myself crossing the finish line of another half marathon or seeing myself finally deadlifting over 200 pounds (my PR on the deadlift is currently 176 -- two 88 pound kettlebells, which was the highest I could do so I am not sure how much I could have deadlifted). My visual goals are all about doing something that I would have thought impossible just a few years ago.

I do have goals. They just do not conform to the typical goals others may have. I have been at this for far too long and I know what hurts my mindset and what types of goals really do motivate me. A pounds lost or a BMI change just do not but wanting to get up to the top of the Manitou Incline in less than an hour, well, that motivates me. Lifting heavy weights and being strong is definitely a motivation. Punching the heavy bag harder and more consistently motivates me to keep going. Running stronger and longer and maybe even faster...yep, motivation.

Now reaching these goals will be possible with continued weight loss. AND BMI shifts should be a by-product of meeting these goals. Does it really matter that my goals are in a different form than expected or than can be articulated in a words that others understand? Nope, because the goals are MINE and MINE ALONE. I have my bucket list. I think in the coming weeks I may do another vision board to see how they changed since the last time I did one.

(Side note -- last time I did a vision board, I finally realized that I really wanted to run. At that time, it was a 5K that I was focused on and, well, running became a reality. It was interesting that before I did it, I never thought of it as being something that was on my "bucket list." I do think vision boards are a little silly but I guess they can be helpful too.)


  1. I like this post a really is all about knowing yourself and what works for you and what sabotages your efforts. everyone is individual in that way.

  2. Hi Lynn! I love your goal of being strong. I love being strong and powerful with my fitness.

    I never really had a weight loss goal that I was very serious about except trying to win this certain weight loss contest. Mostly, I was just trying to challenge myself to consistently eat for 8 weeks in a way that made me lose weight. I focused on the process not the result. The result comes anyway, if the process is there. :D

    :-) Marion

  3. My problem is not that I don't have's keeping them. I have goals for exercise. I have goals for weight loss. Then I'm my own worst enemy.