Sunday, June 23, 2013

When stubbornness gets in the way....

I always feel like I have to prove myself...many times it is not a bad thing to try just a bit harder to prove that I can do things. I mean, if I didn't, I wouldn't have discovered running. I would never have gone to my first kettlebell class. I would never have joined a gym. AND I definitely never would have done a stair climb.

But there are times that the need to prove that I can do things is detrimental. That is where I am at today as I have spent the last 40 hours with crutches. Yes, crutches. You see, I had hurt myself on the treadmill over a week ago but I kept pushing it because I did not want to be the person that was always injured and thought that I could push through injury. That Saturday I could barely walk but I iced all day and it was better. I did the Color Run on Sunday but found I hard to walk most of it as it just hurt too much to run.

I was careful at the gym, not using the treadmill but the AMT machine to be less weight bearing. At Monday's circuit class, it was okay as I modified many of the things like lunges that really bothered my foot. Wednesday's treadmill workout was moved to the recumbent bike and another machine that was less impact than the treadmill. The trainer really wanted me to get my foot checked out but I did not think it was any big deal since I was getting better.

Then Friday came. It had been one week since my foot first started bothering me. We were doing a workout on the turf. I like turf workouts. I like pushing myself a bit. Ben (trainer) had me modifying some of the movements to protect my foot but honestly it made me feel like I was taking the easy way out. I mean, squats instead of burbees are definitely much easier. He did have a tractor tire out for one of the movements...foot taps, which I also could not do. BUT I love to flip tires. I have always loved to flip tires. I did it a couple of times but Ben warned me that it was not a good idea.

At the end of the workout, I still felt like I had underperformed others in the workout and I don't like that feeling. So, I wanted to flip the tire. In my stubborn mind, I figured it was just a squat movement, which I had been doing all class. Ben again warned me not to do it but if I was going to do it, do it right. So, I concentrated on it and squatted to lift the tire. It was just as I was lifting the tire that I heard and felt a pop in my foot. The pain was pretty bad. Of course, it got more embarrassing as they called 911 and all these people from the gym came in to check things out. 

So, the hospital is right across the street from the gym. I refused the ambulance ride over but was asked to take the wheelchair to my car. I drove to the ER and had images taken. Nothing broken but crutches for 48 hours was the prescription. I have a air cast and after tonight can start seeing how it feels with the cast and some weight. If it is okay, I only need the cast and can leave the crutches behind. I am really hoping it feels okay.

I have been icing as instructed. I am staying off it as instructed. I am taking Advil as instructed. Fortunately, only needed one Vicodin as it knocks me out. Getting around on crutches is not easy. The dogs do not know what to think. The 99 pound bulldog puppy is not sure if he should be scared of the crutches or attack them. 

I think I learned a lesson...yet another lesson that I thought I had already learned about listening to people and not needing to continually prove that I belong in the the life.


  1. Hi Lynn - The fitness center I recently joined (a couple months back) has a cross fit class, along with several other options. Some of the ladies in that gym have arms and shoulders that are lean, muscular and very shredded. When I reach goal and build muscle I think I'd be very happy to have arms like those as opposed to the guys that have HUGE arms but very little definition. Their arms are kind of like big puffy pillows.

    I'll tell my wife about your foot injury. I talked her into staying home today and resting her knee. She gets going on the treadmill at a pace that has been giving her knee pain. She has callouses on the bottoms of her feet from all the walking the past couple months and knee pain. Now I can use your post as an example for her to learn from - thank you:)

  2. Hi Lynn! If it makes you feel any better, I did roughly the same thing back in 2008. I stayed on the elliptical for 8 miles (about 2 hours). Then I did it the next day. Then, the 3rd day, my knee felt like a screw was loose in it. Then I had to skip cardio days for a few months. Then I had to start gently to rehab the knee. Then I rehabbed the knee for months, which was when I started yoga.

    Now that I'm older and wiser from the ordeal, I do MUCH less cardio and diversify my exercise a LOT. I take more breaks. I don't do anything for too long. I don't compete with anyone because they don't know or care how my joints react. Only I leave the gym with the consequences to my joints. I have MANY self-imposed gym safety rules to curtail my fitness freak crazy feelings of one-upping others. I strictly follow the safety rules so I don't end up being injured from over-training. It sounds like you have learned most of these points this week.

    On the bright side, you're smarter about this for the rest of your life. If you learn well from this ordeal, you're going to be smarter than most people in your gym. :D

    :-) Marion

  3. I'm also guilty of letting things go too long. I'm finally learning to listen to my body. I'd rather be out just a few days then sidelined for longer. Get well soon:)